About Us

We have an unbiased focus on delivering client solutions that improve operations and deliver value

Alignosi was formed to create value for our clients through improved IT performance and execution.

We seek situations where value can be created through strategic initiatives, transformations, operational improvements, or accelerated implementations.

We work in small teams, comprised of highly experienced professionals to deliver results rapidly.

We deliver results not reports; and we move quickly because speed improves client value.  Through years of experience we have developed proven methods which we adapt to our client’s needs.

We take pride in our integrity and independence; we prioritize the value that we generate for our clients, not the duration of our engagements.

A different approach to consulting for a changing business environment

Typical Consulting Firm
  • Pyramidal staffing model with large teams and few, if any, dedicated principals
  • “Land and Expand” strategy with an ever-expanding pyramid base
  • Approach guarantees consulting revenues more often than client results
Alignosi Approach
  • Senior, experienced principals and small, dedicated teams
  • Focus on accelerating the execution of client initiatives and not on selling the next engagement
  • Selective client list allows deeper understanding of their needs and delivers greater value

Core Values & Operating Principles

  • Our principals are fully dedicated to you for the duration of the engagement
  • Our goal is to understand and deliver on your key initiatives
  • We phase our work to align with your priorities and value
  • We continually engage stakeholders to share feedback, provide transparency, and ensure alignment with your objectives
  • We collaborate with your leadership and project teams to support knowledge transfer throughout our engagement