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Supplier Rationalization

Supplier Rationalization reduces IT costs and operational complexity while laying the groundwork for more strategic and symbiotic partnerships with a manageable set of suppliers.

Rationalizing the supplier ecosystem requires data-driven insights for optimal results. A machine-learning platform tuned for the extraction of key contract attributes provides a cost-effective and rapid alternative to manual review of contract documents.

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Supplier Management

Organizations have adapted their go to market strategies, operating model, project investments, infrastructure and workforce skills in response to the pandemic. These changes also impact their suppliers’ contract scope, service delivery model, operating costs and general terms, and therefore, supplier contracting processes and contracts must re-examined and re-aligned to ensure consistency.

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Digital Transformation

Companies have rushed to implement digital transformation programs in a piecemeal manner. With more optimistic business environment on the horizon, CIOs have the opportunity to take a more  coordinated approach to digital transformation to sustain and build upon the benefits of their initial efforts

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Re-Imagining IT Supplier Strategy

To implement a digital transformation program requires new and different skills, and therefore requires a re-structuring of the available talent pool of internal and supplier resources. Thus, re-structuring the supplier ecosystem to ensure that supplier capabilities, services, contracts, and incentives are aligned with the organization’s digital transformation needs is a critical success factor for such a efforts.

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Cloud Infrastructure Costs

Why Am I Not Seeing Cost Savings from My Shift to Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure in the form of on-demand servers and storage from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. was sold to the enterprise with the promise of lowering data center cost. However, cost savings remain elusive for some Clients. A number of factors can drive costs higher than expected, and Clients need to proactively address these as part of their overall Cloud Strategy.

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IT Spend Analysis

IT spend analysis can generate insights and answer questions about IT spend in a manner that a company’s financial systems or chargeback systems is unable to address. Adopting best practices helps to get insightful results from the analysis and avoids the cost of rework.

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IT Strategy Outcomes

What Do You Need From Your IT Strategy?

IT strategy has taken the center-stage in many organizations. IT strategy produces outcomes in ten broad areas but these must be prioritized based on the organizational context, IT operating maturity, and level of business-IT engagement in order to maximize benefits.

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Application Rationalization

CIOs are increasingly focused on digital transformation in response to emerging business, consumer and technology trends. Application rationalization often a foundational step in this journey.  However, application rationalization efforts can easily become a quagmire as organizations run into decision roadblocks, funding constraints, as well as time taken away from new development. CIOs need to anticipate and plan around such issues, in order to implement a successful application rationalization program

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